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George W Bush

Obama - delay in US immigration reform meeting

13:53 15/06/2009
It was announced on 13 June 2009 that a White House meeting on US immigration policy has been delayed yet again. No new date has been set for the meeting. The meeting is to launch the Obama...

US immigration for family members may become faster

16:16 09/06/2009
If passed, new legislation will mean that families members including same-sex partners will be able to gain faster entry to the US . This is part of the ongoing efforts at immigration reform in the...

US Senate reviews immigration reform

9:29 03/05/2006
The US Senate will try again within weeks to break the deadlock on immigration reform, the leader of Senate business says. Bill Frist was speaking after huge demonstrations on May 1 illustrated...

US plans to build more fences to control illegal immigration

9:28 02/12/2005
President George W Bush announced the construction of more fences in the 3,200km (2,000 miles) border while touring US states earlier this week. Mexico says it opposes a US plan to build more fences...

US President seeks support for new guest worker visa

10:42 29/11/2005
US President George W Bush has begun touring US states to rally support for his strategy to control immigration. Mr Bush wants tighter security along the Mexican frontier, but he also plans to allow...