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Obama - delay in US immigration reform meeting

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It was announced on 13 June 2009 that a White House meeting on US immigration policy has been delayed yet again. No new date has been set for the meeting.

The meeting is to launch the Obama administrations push for immigration reform. Two meetings one on 8 June and another on 17 June have now been cancelled. It has been suggested that the reason for the delay with no new date fixed for the meeting is because President Barack Obama and his staff are finding the whole issue of immigration reform even more difficult to deal with than expected.

George W Bush also had difficulty implementing immigration reform when he was President. He had tried to increase border security and at the same time provide a pathway to legal immigration and eventual citizenship for certain illegal immigrants. He faced opposition from his fellow Republicans.

Ann Navarro, a Florida Republican, had the following to say:

"It is no surprise that so many Republicans on the Hill don't think Obama is serious about leading on immigration and looking for cover," Navarro said. "If the Latino groups want to see this get done, they need to hold his feet to the fire."