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US Immigrant workers sue large food manufacturer

9:50 27/04/2006
The Immigrant Justice Project (IJP) has filed a lawsuit designed to force one of the US largest food providers to take responsibility for mistreatment of its workers. The class action was filed by...

Overcrowded housing plays role in US immigration debate

19:39 01/02/2006
The issue of overcrowded housing in some US towns is playing a large role in the debate on U.S. immigration. The overcrowding problem has become an issue as these towns try to prevent landlords from...

Hungarian Immigration Office working on integration strategy

15:51 11/01/2006
The Immigration Office of the Hungarian Interior Ministry has begun work on a strategy on the social integration of immigrants and refugees in Hungary, a senior official said yesterday. The ministry...

Most Americans believe illegal immigrants hurt US

15:46 06/01/2006
Many adults in the United States believe illegal immigrants are a problem, according to a poll by TNS released by the Washington Post and ABC News. Fifty-six per cent of respondents think illegal...

The US Green Card Lottery: one family's story

15:50 28/11/2005
Klaus and Flavia Westerwelle seldom play lotteries. They've already hit the big one. The Associated Press reports. The evidence can be spotted on the living-room wall of their Eastside home: 15 hand-...

Canada issues warning to gay travelers

19:40 29/07/2005
The Canadian government issued a warning to gay travelers following the refusal of some governments, including the US, to recognize Canadian same-sex marriages and in the aftermath of the executions...