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Post-study work visa plans heard by Scottish Affairs Committee

9:52 12/12/2015
UK Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, faced questions from MPs at a Scottish Affairs Committee meeting on Wednesday, 9 December 2015, over the possibility of re-introducing a post-study work...

London Met threatened with Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence revocation

19:08 18/11/2015
UK Immigration has been criticised for 'outrageous interference in the running of London Metropolitan University,' according to a report published by Times Higher Education. Documents confirm that...

Immigration restrictions on Tier 2 visas hurts the UK

13:38 18/11/2015
Editorial Comment by Sanwar Ali, Editor, The UK economy will continue to suffer should the current policy on tier 2 visas continue. The situation where ever more restrictive...

Greater availability of tier 2 visa COSs in October 2015

19:08 06/11/2015
There is a lot of bad news about UK immigration these days. One bit of good news is that from 12 October 2015 it became easier for many migrants to obtain a restricted certificate of sponsorship and...

UK Tier 2 sponsorship licence applications more difficult in 2015

19:19 05/11/2015
Employers wishing to employ non-EU nationals in the UK firstly need to apply for a tier 2 sponsorship licence as part of the process for overseas nationals to come to the UK and take up employment...

Tier 2 visa rules 'suffocating' small growing businesses

17:56 29/10/2015
A new organisation the Scale Up Institute that helps small businesses with good potential, headed up by Cambridge entrepreneur, Sherry Coutu, and her business partner, Reid Hoffman, is urging the UK...