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Home Office

UK should pay €8m for annual immigration checks

9:19 03/11/2021
The president of the company that runs the port of Calais has said that Britain should pay the cost of immigration checks carried out at the French Channel port, according to a report published by...

EU family permit policy under Home Office review

10:32 01/11/2021
The Home Office is reportedly reviewing its EU family permit policy after campaigners claimed that hundreds of dependent EU nationals are still waiting for a permit to join relatives in Britain. In...

UK immigration status used to control abuse sufferers

10:23 26/10/2021
The UK immigration status of people suffering domestic abuse is being used as a means of control and coercion, a new report has found. Domestic Abuse Commissioner, Nicole Jacobs, said that the term “...

UK intra-company transfer visa scheme abused, report says

10:15 20/10/2021
According to a new report, the UK intra-company transfer (ICT) visa scheme is being abused by multinational firms. The ICT visa route grants entry to skilled foreign workers transferring to a UK...

UK visa suspensions for countries not taking back deportees

17:56 18/10/2021
UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is threatening to suspend UK visas for citizens of countries that refuse to take back people deported from Britain. The threat has sparked fears of tit-for-tat visa...

UK Immigration Enforcement spends £6,000 on Domino’s pizzas

9:34 14/10/2021
A disclosure log for Home Office procurement card transactions has revealed that UK Immigration Enforcement spent £6,757.52 on Domino’s pizzas to feed migrants arriving in the UK from France via the...