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G'day UK 2009 Australian immigration Expo

18:51 17/06/2009
G'dayUK is a series of events that will show visitors what it is like to live in Australia . It will cover four main areas: Migration and tourism Trade & investment Food & wine, The event...

Britain may make it easier for Chinese Tourists

19:15 12/06/2009
Chinese tourists are visiting Schengen visa Countries and are avoiding the UK . As the UK is not part of the Schengen visa regime tourists have to apply separately for an UK visa to visit the UK . A...

New US Visit Visa requirements to go into place

17:32 07/01/2009
Those wishing to enter the US under the visa waiver scheme will from 12 January 2009 need to apply electronically for travel authorization. They will need to apply online under the Electronic System...

US implements visa free travel policy for more EU states

17:56 18/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News From 17 November, 2008 citizens of six additional EU countries can travel to the United States without first obtaining a visa. The European countries which...

UK chefs occupational guidance updated

17:49 22/06/2006
UK caseworkers will use a newly updated guidance document to process work permit applications for Chef occupations. The old guidance is still in effect throughout July, but after 02 August, 2006 the...

Send your Green Card lottery applications today!

12:52 02/12/2005
If you are planning to submit a Green Card Lottery/Diversity Immigrant Visa Program 2007 application to please do so by noon GMT, Friday, Dec. 2 2005. Otherwise, we will not have time...