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Britain may make it easier for Chinese Tourists

19:15 12/06/2009
Chinese tourists are visiting Schengen visa Countries and are avoiding the UK . As the UK is not part of the Schengen visa regime tourists have to apply separately for an UK visa to visit the UK . A...

Sixtieth Anniversary of Australian Citizenship

12:35 24/01/2009
Australian citizenship was introduced in 1949 following the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948. Before this time most Australian residents were British subjects. The first citizenship ceremony was...

Switzerland: 25th signatory to the Schengen Agreement

11:55 17/12/2008
On 12 December, Switzerland added its name to the list of countries that have adopted the Schengen Agreement and In doing so became the 25th member of the group, which has no border controls for...

Fourth World Migration Report released by the International Organization for Migration

13:22 09/12/2008
The Geneva based International Organization for Migration (IOM) has released its 4th World Migration Report. Entitled 'Managing Labour Mobility in the Evolving Global Economy,' the report indicated...

Spain: Highest immigration intake in the EU during 2007

15:48 26/11/2008
immigration in 2008, according to Spanish Labour Minister Jesus Caldera. According to El Pais, a major Spanish news outlet, a total of 702,000 immigrants came to Spain during 2007 -- largest intake...

UK government says immigration benefits Britain's economy

10:09 12/06/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News In response to a recent House of Lords Committee report on the economic impact of migration into the UK , the British government "overwhelmingly agreed" with...