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Julia Gillard

Australia sets up panel to assess border protection issues

13:34 03/07/2012
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard formed a three-member expert panel to reassess Australia's approach to border protection and asylum issues. She announced that former Defence Force chief Angus...

Australian immigration to issue more bridging visas for asylum seekers

10:39 21/02/2012
Australian Immigration has announced that, following a policy change, one-third of asylum seekers arriving by boat will be living in the community on bridging visas next year. Under this new process...

Australia helps Queensland reconstruction through immigration

18:24 31/01/2011
The Australian government will make it easier for employers to bring in temporary overseas workers to help with the reconstruction efforts in Queensland. Queensland was devastated by flooding in...

Increased Australian immigration unavoidable for Australia

10:40 15/11/2010
An Australian Treasury warning has been issued which states that increased immigration in Australia is 'inescapable'. During Prime Minister Julia Gillard's election campaign, she said that Australia...

Australia immigration key issue in elections

18:06 20/08/2010
Immigration is a major issue as Australia goes to the polls. It is still not certain which party will win. The two leaders of the main Political Parties are Julia Gillard the first female Prime...

Julia Gillard Australia's first female Prime Minister is from UK

12:32 25/06/2010
This week has been a momentous week in Australian politics. Julia Gillard the former Deputy Prime Minister has become the first female Prime Minister. Julia Gillard is also the first Prime Minister...