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Kevin Andrews

US criticizes Australian immigration scheme

16:32 19/06/2007
The United States State Department slammed Australia's 457 visa scheme , saying it was possible to be linked to illegal labor trafficking. The 457 visa scheme is an Australian immigration program...

Number of visas for IT professionals in Australia skyrockets

13:32 12/06/2007
• Watch This Video Australia 's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) granted a record number of temporary employment visas for IT professionals during the nine month's prior to 31 March...

Australia looks to 457 visa to import trucking industry skills

12:03 12/06/2007
Australia 's Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews has announced an "industry working group" that will investigate the needs of the trucking industry in finding skilled labor. The group will assess the...

457 visas continued for migrant meat workers in Australia

14:12 17/05/2007
• Watch This Video The federal government of Australia announced a three-year labor agreement for the temporary entry of skilled meatworkers ( the 457 visa ) to Western Australia. Kevin Andrews,...

Western Australia states case for more skilled workers

13:04 14/05/2007
• Watch This Video The state government of Western Australia says that the increase of 5,000 skilled migration placements is inadequate to fill their needs. Western Australia alone needs another 60,...

Australia introduces new maritime crew visa

15:58 10/05/2007
• Watch This Video The Australian government announced it would be introducing a new visa aimed at hiring foreign crew members to help secure its borders. The Migration Amendment (Maritime Crew) Act...