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Sanwar Ali: UK work visa options review

12:08 03/11/2021
By Sanwar Ali : Entry to the UK can be difficult. Probably you will need to be a skilled worker sponsored by an employer with a sponsor licence . This can be an expensive and complicated process. We...

Sanwar Ali: UK sponsor licence review since Brexit

19:13 15/10/2021
By Sanwar Ali : Is the sponsor licence and UK visa system fit for purpose? Now is surely an appropriate time to consider the situation further since the truck driver shortage, hospitality worker...

Sanwar Ali: Do you need a job for immigration and a work visa?

15:31 11/10/2021
By Sanwar Ali : Frequently you need a job to obtain a long term residence visa. This can be very difficult to do. Many employers say that they will not employ you unless you already have some type of...

UK visa sponsor licence system set for overhaul

12:05 30/09/2021
The Home Office has unveiled a ‘roadmap’ outlining plans to invest heavily in IT system changes to speed up the process of applying for a UK visa sponsorship licence for employers. Announcing changes...

Sanwar Ali: Huge delays in US visa processing at embassies

10:32 16/09/2021
By Sanwar Ali : There were high hopes that when Biden was elected President that this would make it easier for both temporary and permanent migrants to gain entry to the US. However, COVID-19 related...

H1B visa regulation removed by Biden administration

11:51 20/05/2021
The Biden administration has lifted a regulation proposed by former US President, Donald Trump, which sought to narrow the definition of ‘speciality occupation’ under the H1B visa program. The...