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Australian immigration continues to debate off-shore processing for asylum seekers

19:47 01/02/2012
Immigration talks between the Australian government and the Australian opposition regarding asylum seekers have reached a stalemate; Government leaders can't seem to reach an agreement with the...

Australia immigration key issue in elections

18:06 20/08/2010
Immigration is a major issue as Australia goes to the polls. It is still not certain which party will win. The two leaders of the main Political Parties are Julia Gillard the first female Prime...

Netherlands - Dutch parliament in crisis over immigration policy

12:17 14/12/2006
The Dutch parliament was holding crisis talks on 13 December after MPs passed a motion condemning its caretaker Immigration Minister for refusing to halt deportations of rejected asylum seekers until...

Ageing Australian population fears immigration less

17:39 24/07/2006
• Watch This Video Australians have developed a more favorable attitude towards migration since the Howard Government came to power in 1996, with anxiety about an ageing population driving the shift...

Almost 45 Indians running in Canada's elections

15:42 23/01/2006
As Canada goes to the polls on 23 January, nearly 45 candidates of Indian origin will be running. The candidates have spent the past few weeks trying to attract the immigrant community with speeches...

Immigrant vote split as Canadian election approaches

11:36 19/01/2006
Immigrants in Canada have traditionally supported the ruling Liberal party. However, in this election, immigrants appear split. The Conservative Party is promising that if it takes power in Canada,...