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London School of Economics

UK's National Union of Students calls for end to police registration

18:29 04/10/2012
The National Union of Students has called for an end to the requirement for students to register with police before they begin their courses. It is the start of the academic year in the UK and the...

Strict Tier 4 visa rules are costly for UK universities to navigate

13:52 16/05/2012
Universities and colleges told MPs this week that they are being forced to spend millions of pounds to make sure that they comply with the UK 's strict Tier 4 student visa rules. The London School of...

UK Immigration Policy and the General Election

19:59 20/04/2010
In the last week opinion polls have shown an increase in support for the Liberal Democrats who probably have more liberal policies on immigration than the Conservative or Labour Party. For example...

UK Border Agency against UK Immigration Amnesty

10:17 24/06/2009
It is perhaps not surprising that the UK Border Agency whose job it is to enforce the UK immigration laws has turned down the idea of an immigration amnesty. On 17 June 2009 the UKBA responded to the...

UK Immigration amnesty would boost economy

11:41 16/06/2009
A study commissioned by the London Mayor Boris Johnson suggests that an immigration amnesty would lead to a GBP3 billion boost to the economy. The London School of Economics study also concludes that...

London Mayor calls for UK Immigration Amnesty

13:52 11/03/2009
Boris Johnson, the London mayor, again called for an "earned" amnesty for illegal migrants. The interim study by the London School of Economics, commissioned by the mayor, estimated that about 450,...