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New Zealand immigration declining, emigration increasing

17:02 20/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News New Zealand is continuing to experience a decline in immigration and more New Zealand citizens are leaving the country, mainly to Australia . According to...

Immigration increases Australian population - 21,000,000

15:25 11/07/2007
• Watch This Video Australia's population has grown to 21 million in 2007, helped in part by record immigration levels. The country is experiencing the largest immigration influx in decades. A...

New Zealand Immigration Profiling Group tightens border control

19:57 04/09/2006
• Watch This Video Statistics released during August indicate that potential visitors to New Zealand are being turned away in larger percentages as border controls tighten. During the past year, visa...

Anti-immigration politician becomes NZ foreign minister

9:08 18/10/2005
A populist politician known for his anti-immigration statements has become New Zealand's new Foreign Minister. Winston Peters, who promotes racial profiling of Muslims, will become the public face of...

New Zealand needs to open debate on immigration: group

16:59 26/09/2005
New Zealand must start a debate about the long-term economic benefits of attracting more immigrants rather than focusing on how foreigners could fix the short-term labour crunch, Wellington Regional...

Immigration under fire in New Zealand

9:57 26/08/2005
Immigration has come under political debate in New Zealand . New Zealand First says that the Labour and National Party's immigration policies have not ended skill shortages, and are keeping New...