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UK visa rules forcing migrant NHS workers to leave Britain

11:43 14/11/2020
With Britain in the grip of a second lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, UK visa rules are forcing migrant NHS workers to leave the country, sparking fears of the UK’s response to COVID-19 being...

UK visa policy may cause key worker shortage union warns

22:26 20/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : The end of free movement for newly arriving EU nationals will mean more skills shortages in the UK. There are already widely publicised skills shortages of care workers and...

37-week wait for UK migrants needing NHS care, research says

22:46 16/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : Migrants are typically having to pay for health care twice. They pay through taxes. They also have to pay the immigration health surcharge that is increasing from £400 a year...

Tory MP calls for Tier 2 visas to be accessible for dentists

21:45 15/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : It seems difficult to find people in the UK even to fill what can be well paid professional level jobs. Apparently the average salary for a dentist is about £60,000 a year...

Applications for Immigration Health Surcharge refunds open

21:36 04/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : Finally, the immigration health surcharge refund scheme is available as of 1 October 2020. Please note that the immigration health surcharge increase s from £400 per year to...

Automatic UK visa extensions no longer apply to NHS staff

22:25 02/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : An obvious problem is that once you have given something away people become used to it. The generous gesture of free UK visa extensions is something that migrants now expect...