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UK lifts restrictions on young Nigerians

9:34 21/03/2006
The British High Commission, Nigeria has announced that the lifting of the the temporary suspension of visa services for first time visitors aged 18-30 will take effect on Friday 17 March. The...

UK visa restriction on young Nigerians to be lifted

15:22 16/02/2006
The United Kingdom is to resume the issuance of first-time entry visas to Nigerians' under 30 years next month, UK foreign secretary Jack Straw announced. The British embassy in Nigeria in 2004...

Ghana losing skilled workers to US Green Card Lottery

12:06 22/11/2005
A newspaper in the African country Ghana reveals that an average of 8,000 highly trained and skilled Ghanaians leave the country annually for the US through the Green Card Lottery . The latest...

EU flies illegal Romanian immigrants home

16:27 23/09/2005
A special flight to Romania has been organized by three European Union countries to send illegal immigrants home. This is the first operation of its kind. Organised by Spain, the flight left Madrid...

Sports stars frustrated by UK work permit decisions

10:57 30/08/2005
In the UK ,the Liverpool football teams's failure to obtain a work permit forChilean footballer Mark Gonzalez earlier this month again highlightedthe unpredictable process of getting UK work permits...

Young Nigerians no longer allowed to apply for UK visit visas

14:37 11/04/2005
The UK announced that from 11 April 2005, the visa sections in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, will not accept visa applications from first-time visitors to the UK between the ages of 18 and 30. This...