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UK lobbyist says hiring immigrant workers to plug skills gaps is 'lazy'

17:36 22/11/2012
Chris Ball, chief executive of The Age and Employment Network, has stated that UK companies who employ immigrant workers to fill skilled vacancies are 'lazy'. The Age and Employment Network is a n...

Anti-immigration group claims most international students are not 'brightest and best'

19:35 26/09/2012
A study released by Migrationwatch UK has called into question claims by the UK government that the UK is attracting 'the brightest and the best' international students to study at British...

UK agrees to review HSMP changes

12:23 29/03/2007
• Watch This Video Britain has agreed to review changes to the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme ( HSMP ) that have affected a large number of skilled migrants who are currently working in the UK ...

Secure Borders, Safe Havens

16:49 01/02/2002
MAJOR CHANGES TO UK IMMIGRATION LAWS ANNOUNCED IN "WHITE PAPER". The home secretary David Blunkett's white paper, "Secure Borders, SafeHaven", was released on Thursday 7th February. It is a wide...