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UK minister blames Indian press for fall in student visas

12:06 04/03/2014
David Willetts, the UK's science minister, has blamed a fall in the number of students coming to study in the UK from the Indian sub-continent on the 'lively' press in India and Pakistan. Mr Willetts...

Half workers in some factories are immigrants, says UK PM

17:25 01/11/2013
David Cameron, the UK's Prime Minister, has said that young Britons are being outcompeted for jobs by foreign workers because of their 'can do attitude'. Mr Cameron said that there was a danger that...

New rules on studying in UK welcomed by English teachers

15:58 11/10/2013
Teachers of English as a foreign language are welcoming changes to the immigration rules announced by the UK's immigration minister last month. On 6th September 2013, Mark Harper issued a statement...

UK Immigration opportunities as 1.3m graduates emigrate

11:43 27/08/2013
Figures released by the UK's Office for National Statistics show that there are now 1.3m British graduates living and working overseas. This is more than any other developed country. Germany comes...

UK immigration research shows 50% of English population lives in high migration areas

15:01 11/07/2013
The UK's Home Office has released research which shows that 50% of the population of England and Wales (but not Scotland) lives in 'areas of relatively high migration'. A further 30% lives in areas...

Australia and New Zealand labour market report from Hays

9:58 30/11/2012
Hays, the global recruitment consultant, has issued the Hays Global Report 2012. For the report, Hays engaged Oxford Economics to survey 27 economies around the world, including Australia's and New...