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Immigration strike may delay Canada student visas

11:57 25/07/2013
The Dean of Students at Canada's prestigious McGill University says that the strike by Canadian immigration officers posted overseas may prevent some students from successfully enrolling before the...

Canada's immigrant investor program may be scrapped

15:03 22/12/2012
Canada's Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) was suspended in July 2012. When it was established, it enabled wealthy people from around the world to gain Canadian permanent resident status if they had...

'Lost Canadians' a bigger problem than thought

12:30 28/03/2007
CBC News has found that the number of people who have been stripped of Canadian citizenship - the so-called 'Lost Canadians' - is far greater than the federal government has let on. Immigration...

Immigrants asked to speak Dutch in Netherlands

14:03 09/02/2006
The Netherlands, home to multinational companies such as Unilever and Royal Dutch Shell Plc, may ask residents not to use foreign languages in public. Rotterdam, the country's second-biggest city,...