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Immigration contributes to Australian population growth

18:42 02/01/2013
Australia's population grew by 1.6% or 359,600 people in the year to the end of June 2012. 58% of that rise was caused by immigration. The population reached 22.7m in July, according to the...

Immigrant health workers face 'exploitation' in Australia

18:51 28/11/2012
A new report published has found that many female immigrants working in the healthcare sector in Australia are being exploited. The report says that the Australian government's decision to grant more...

Australia says enterprise migration agreements will continue

9:59 19/09/2012
The Australian government has said that it will continue to enter into controversial Enterprise Migration Agreements with mining companies despite a slowdown in the economy and growing union...

Australian politician calls for more temporary migration

17:15 14/08/2012
An Australian MP has called for an increase in the number of temporary migration permits issued to skilled migrants. Andrew Leigh, a member of the ruling Labor Party said there was a shortage of...

Australia asylum seeker detention centres nearing capacity

9:42 10/08/2012
A new asylum seeker detention facility in Western Australia is nearing capacity after only six weeks of being open. The new $125 million Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre, located about 90km...

New resource projects in Australia could bring in more foreign workers

10:34 08/08/2012
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has announced new resources projects in Queensland and Western Australia that may make more positions available for skilled foreign workers. Bowen said...