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US undersecretary of commerce for technology claims IT worker shortage

12:40 20/11/2006
• Watch This Video More informally known as the "Technology Czar" for the United States government, the Undersecretary of Commerce for Technology, Robert Cresanti, recently said that there are not...

Russian government set to overhaul immigration

12:31 25/10/2006
• Watch This Video President Vladimir Putin said the Russian government will prepare proposals by late November to bring order to immigration procedures and at food markets. In a live televised...

Centre opens in Britain to combat forced illegal immigration

18:00 09/10/2006
• Watch This Video Europe 's first dedicated centre for victims of people-trafficking is opened last week in Sheffield, England . The Human Trafficking Centre will aim to provide specialist care for...

Russian President calls for review of immigration laws

12:29 04/10/2006
• Watch This Video Russian President Vladimir Putin on 04 October called for a review of immigration laws that allow foreigners to work and do business in Russia. Following a diplomatic row last week...

Canada faces low birth-rate challenge

10:04 02/10/2006
• Watch This Video Population census figures this summer combined with immigration and birth rate numbers indicate that Canada can accept a nearly unlimited number of immigrants, given current...

Finland grants asylum and residence permits to dozens of Chechens

11:09 29/08/2006
• WatchThis Video Finland has begun granting asylum and residence permits to Chechens based upon the threat of violations to their human rights in their home country. The number of Russian asylum...