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Russian parliament

Canadian opposition party calls for visa bar for anti-gay Russian MPs

15:47 01/10/2013
One of the opposition parties in Canada's federal parliament has called for Russian politicians who backed a recent law that bans 'homosexual propaganda' to be barred from visiting Canada. The New...

Russia and US ease visa rules

16:25 08/08/2012
Last month the Russian State Duma eased visa rules for US Citizens and, similarly, the US did the same for Russian citizens. The State Duma is a part of the Russian Parliament which proposes new laws...

US and Russia move closer to new visa agreement

14:55 22/11/2011
The United States and Russia moved one step closer to easing visa regimes between the two countries this past weekend when diplomats met to discuss a new visa agreement. Secretary of State Hilary...

Russian proposals to make it easier for families of skilled worker immigrants

16:44 01/11/2010
Foreign specialists living in Russia may soon find it easier to bring in their families if a new immigration bill passes into law. If the changes go ahead Employers will find it easier to hire the...