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United States Senate

Mexico seeking EU and United Nations support to oppose US security wall

9:56 10/10/2006
• Watch This Video Last week, U.S. President Bush signed a $35 billion homeland security bill that includes $1.2 billion for a security wall along the U.S. -Mexico border to stem illegal immigration...

US Senate blocks minimum wage increase

13:07 22/06/2006
Since 1997 there have been nine attempts in the US Senate to increase the minimum wage for working class people in America. Wednesday marked the ninth time that such a stand-alone proposal has been...

No more H-1B visas available in the US for this year

11:54 02/06/2006
The government has reached the limit on H-1B visas (the "high-tech worker visa") for 2007, which begins 01 October, 2006. The leed from the official press release reads "U.S. Citizenship and...

Annual limit on H1-B visa raised US Senate immigration bill

19:16 30/05/2006
There are a number of hidden details in the immigration reform bills passed by each house of the US Congress in the past weeks. The Senate bill alone is over 600 pages, with dozens of amendments...

US Senate passes immigration reform bill

18:42 26/05/2006
The United States is engaged in an intense debate over the most substantial overhaul of immigration law in 20 years. The two houses of the US Congress have both created bills that each proposes to be...

U.S. Senate to Debate Immigration Reform Again

13:54 12/05/2006
The United States Senate decided on Thursday to revive an immigration bill that was tabled last week. In theory, it could provide millions of the estimated 13 million illegal immigrants currently in...