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Universities UK

UK Border Agency issues guidance for students at London Metropolitan

11:09 03/10/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has issued guidance for students from outside the European Economic Area who are students at London Metropolitan University (LMU). On 29th August 2012, the...

London Metropolitan students allowed to continue their courses

12:32 26/09/2012
A High Court judge has ordered that overseas students who are studying at London Metropolitan University (LMU) should be allowed to continue with their courses despite a UK Border Agency (UKBA)...

Critics claim UK Tier 4 student visa gives "back door" entry to the UK

12:40 14/06/2012
Migration Watch UK, an anti-immigration independent think tank, are calling for more restrictions on granting UK Tier 4 student visas , claiming that the visas provide "back door" entry to the UK ...

UK universities fear financial loss with new immigration rules

16:53 16/12/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News According to Professor Rick Trainor, president of Universities UK, the United Kingdom's new immigration system could make the country less attractive to...

Scotland's Fresh Talent plan angers English universities

14:56 15/08/2005
Some English colleges and universities are upset about the success of Scotland's Fresh Talent Initiative . Higher education institutions in England believe the Scottish Executive's Fresh Talent...

University rep speaks out against UK visa fee changes

15:37 26/05/2005
The visa fee changes coming into effect from July in the UK are driving away international students and ruining the reputation of UK universities, said the vice-chancellor of the UK's Sheffield...