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US Department of Homeland Security

US passes law requiring employers to use E-Verify to check immigrant's work status

14:17 17/01/2012
From 1 January 2012, five states in the US have implemented new laws requiring employers to register for and use the federal E-Verify system to confirm that their immigrant employees are legally...

US announces Visit Visa waiver for Russian nationals visiting Guam

13:53 29/11/2011
The US Department of Homeland Security has announced that Russian nationals visiting Guam will be able to come under the US visit visa waiver scheme, but they did not immediately announce a timeline...

US immigration launches training and review of the immigration deportation system

19:12 21/11/2011
The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) begin a review this week of all deportation cases, and plans to start a training program aimed at expediting deportations of convicted criminals and...

When immigrants overstay visas, US does little

13:53 24/10/2005
The US Department of Homeland Security frequently fails to follow up on leads that foreign visitors have overstayed their visas, the agency's inspector general says in a new report. The result is an...

US to require machine readable passports from June

11:50 13/05/2005
Foreign visitors from 27 countries will have to present machine-readable passports at US borders as of June 26 to enter the United States without a visa, officials said. Travelers from the so-called...

Ex-USSR scientists can apply for US employment-based visas

9:03 27/04/2005
A new rule published by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the Federal Register on April 25, 2005 classifies some scientists from the Commonwealth of Independent States of the Former...