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Western Australia wants British and Irish skilled migrants

13:19 06/07/2011
Western Australia (WA) is sending a delegation to the United Kingdom and Ireland in a bid to lure British and Irish workers to migrate to the Australian state. A plan to head off a shortfall of 150,...

Western Australia sees sharp increase in skilled migrants

19:49 09/03/2011
Businesses in Western Australia (WA) have recorded a sharp increase in the number of Dutch, Malaysian and Irish workers being sponsored to fill skilled job vacancies. Close to 4000 skilled migrants...

Western Australia needs skilled migrants for next mining boom

19:35 26/10/2010
The Western Australia (WA) Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) says that the Australian government must increase skilled immigration so that WA can cope with labour demand in the next mining boom...

Microsoft opens Canada center in response to US immigration problems

13:11 10/07/2007
• Watch This Video Software giant Microsoft announced that it will open a new Microsoft Canada Development Centre in Vancouver, Canada in response to the challenge of bringing in enough foreign...

New US citizenship test launched

13:31 16/02/2007
• Watch This Video Ten cities across the United States are launching a experimental citizenship test designed to make immigrants think about the answers rather than answer through rote memorization...

US unveils new citizenship test

9:08 27/11/2006
• Watch This Video Sometime ''during this winter,'' ten cities across the United States will begin to administer the new format of the citizenship examination for volunteers seeking naturalization ...