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Video News

Weekly news update 10 May 2006

11:06 10/05/2006
Acute nursing shortage in Western nations continues to worsen as their population`s age. Debate continues in the United States regarding many immigration issues. The European Commission has declared...

Weekly news update 03 May 2006

17:06 03/05/2006
This week`s video news looks at how the series of marches that took place in the US on May 1st this year. There is currently less demand for medical doctors in UK`s National Health Service. Ireland`s...

Weekly news update 26 Apr 2006

9:20 26/04/2006
US Construction subcontractors have experienced a shortage of workers during the US housing boom of recent years. Legal immigration from the ten new countries that joined the European Union in May...

Weekly news update 19 Apr 2006

13:14 19/04/2006
This week`s video news covers the topics of immigrant labour shortages in the apple industry in Washington State, the long wait for green card applicants in the US, labour shortages in the...

Weekly news update 12 Apr 2006

18:45 12/04/2006
This week`s video news looks at how UK employers believe that engineering shortages and skills deficiencies are costing them money, Australia faces an acute shortage of project management skills by...

Weekly news update 05 Apr 2006

10:36 05/04/2006
This week`s video news looks at how Britain needs to attract more foreign science talent in order to remain competitive, Australia announces 16 new occupations have been added to its Migration...