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Video News

Weekly news update 29 Mar 2006

17:55 29/03/2006
This week`s video news presents a reminder of the upcoming deadline for applying for UK permanent residence, looks at the US` nursing shortage, Britain to invest in skills training, Australian...

Weekly news update 22 Mar 2006

18:20 22/03/2006
This week`s video news presents a summary of the changes to the UK immigration system to take place in mid-2007, Bill Gates lobbies for more H1B visas in the US for technical workers, some in...

Weekly news update 15 Mar 2006

17:56 15/03/2006
This week`s video news presents an overview of the changes announced to the UK`s immigration system, Australia`s desperate need for skilled workers in Canberra, skilled British workers attend a New...

Weekly news update 08 Mar 2006

16:15 08/03/2006
This week`s video news presents the five-tiered system of immigration that has been proposed by the UK, nearly 350,000 jobseekers mainly from Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia have come to work in...

Weekly news update 01 Mar 2006

16:36 01/03/2006
This week`s video news looks at the new conservative government in Canada and its immigration policies, the US?

Weekly news update 22 Feb 2006

17:01 22/02/2006
This week`s video news looks at the US state of Florida`s acute nursing shortage, the vast number of British citizens and residents leaving the UK for Australia and the United States, the UK gains...