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Video News

Weekly news update 15 Feb 2006

11:57 15/02/2006
This week`s video news includes the following stories: high tech industry leaders in the US are hoping that President George Bush`s recent call for more H1B visas for skilled foreign workers will...

Weekly news update 08 Feb 2006

13:48 08/02/2006
This week`s video news includes the following stories: US President George W. Bush has urged the United States Congress to raise the number of H-1B visas that allow companies to hire foreign workers...

Weekly news update 01 Feb 2006

14:55 01/02/2006
This week`s video news discusses how Australia`s rural towns and cities are working hard to attract new immigrants, provides information on Australia`s updated Australia, Migration Occupation in...

Weekly news update 25 Jan 2006

19:23 25/01/2006
This week`s video news looks at Canada`s Conservative Party`s promise to streamline the process of bringing skilled immigrants into the country and ensure their better integration, more than three-...

Weekly news update 18 Jan 2006

11:24 18/01/2006
This week`s video news looks Canadian construction experts` concern over a labour shortage as the country prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, 800 overseas doctors, nurses and other health...

Weekly news update 11 Jan 2006

19:44 11/01/2006
This week`s video news looks at Australia`s shortage, that has seen vacancies for skilled trades people such as electricians and for industry-specific professionals such as mining engineers and...