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How do I apply?

If you would like to make an application, please contact us on the details below and our expert immigration specialists will be pleased to prepare the application for you.

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Once our team has prepared your application we will ask you to sign it, it then enters the French bureaucratic system and must pass through four stages:

France deals with work permit applications regionally in local employment offices. There are a number of phases to the process:

  • The whole application and supporting documents must be lodged at the regional DDTEFP* office.

  • The DDTEFP* office approves the application, and returns it to the employer

  • The approved application is taken to the French consulate in the Candidate's country of residence.

  • The French consulate issues the long stay visa.

  • The candidate travels to France and is invited by the OMI to take a medical to be granted a residence permit from the police headquarters.

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