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Types of work permit

There are 6 categories of work permit in France. All require a pre-existing job offer from a French company:

  • The Skills and Talents Permit is aimed at individuals with the skills and expertise to make a significant contribution to France's economy; especially those with intellectual, artistic, scientific, and sporting talent.

  • The Salaried and Temporary Worker Permit is for migrants employed directly by a French Company on a long term basis. There is a limited list of professions for which this permit can be granted, which is different for each administrative region in France. This permit is split into 2 sub categories:

    • The Salaried sub-category is for workers with a contract lasting longer than 12 months

    • The Temporary Worker sub-category is for workers with a contract lasting less than 12 months

  • The Employee on Assignment Permit allows international businesses to transfer employees to their offices and/or subsidiary businesses in France. The employee in question must have been employed for at least 3 months by the business outside of France, and must be paid at least 150% of the French minimum wage.

  • The Employee on Assignment Card allows certain high level employees of businesses that are 'part of an international group' to live and work in France. The employee in question must either have a very senior role (such as a manager or executive) or receive a salary of at least EUR 5500 per month.

  • The Seasonal Worker Permit allows French companies to hire a foreign worker for a maximum of 6 months in any 12 month period.

  • The Scientific Permit allows individuals holding at least a Master's degree to enter France to carry out research and other academic work.

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