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South Africa Retired Persons' Visa

The South African Retired Persons' visa allows people to immigrate to South Africa for their retirement, provided that they meet the financial and other eligibility requirements below. There is no set age range for this visa, meaning retired people of any age can apply. Holders of a South African retirement visa may also work in South Africa if they wish.

Length of stay

The South African Retired Persons' visa is issued on a temporary 4 year basis, and can be renewed indefinitely. Alternatively, holders of this visa may apply for this visa on a permanent basis from within South Africa, once they have been there for at least 4 years.


Spouses and dependent family members, such as children, can be included on this visa.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants for the South Retired Persons' visa must meet several eligibility criteria for the visa to be granted. Applicants must provide:

  • A completed copy of the South African Temporary Residency Permit Form BI-1738

  • A passport that is valid for at least 30 days after the expected end date of the visa: 4 years and 30 days in most cases

  • 2 separate passport photographs

  • A vaccination certificate if the applicant is planning to travel from or through a Yellow Fever risk area

  • Proof of medical insurance that is valid for their stay in South Africa

  • Medical and radiological reports issued within the 6 months leading up to the application

  • Proof of a pension, retirement account, or other guaranteed income that equates to at least R37,000 (£1,760 GBP) per month for the duration of the applicant's intended stay

  • Proof of a current net worth of at least R37,000 (£1,760)

  • Police/criminal record certificates from all countries which the applicant has spent more than 12 months in since the age of 18

  • A marriage certificate, or certain equivalent documents, where the applicant's spouse is included on the application

  • Birth and/or adoption certificates, where the applicant's children are included on the application

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