5.5 million EU Settlement Scheme applicants before cut-off

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Official estimates show that more than 5.5 million people applied to remain in the UK prior to the cut-off date for the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). Meanwhile, figures show that more than 4.9 million people have been granted the right to continue living and working in the UK following the completion of the Brexit transition period.


It’s understood that 5,548,440 EU citizens submitted a EUSS application, with 4,908,760 applications approved. Amid Britain’s exit from the European Union, EU citizens and their families had to apply for a UK immigration status by 30 June 2021, which would allow them to remain in the country. 

The Home Office published its latest quarterly figures recently, giving the clearest indication yet of how many people applied for the EUSS before the deadline. However, the data has been listed as ‘experimental’, according to a report published by the Evening Standard.


Numbers not verified

The Home Office has not yet verified the numbers, and they are subject to change in the future. However, since the launch of the scheme in March 2019, more than six million applications were submitted prior to the 30 June deadline.

It’s understood that more than 2.8 million (2,846,820) applicants were granted settled status, allowing for permanent leave to remain. Meanwhile, a further 2.3 million (2,327,850) were granted pre-settled status, requiring reapplication after living in Britain for a period of five years in order to gain permanent residency.

More than 100,000 (109,430) applications were rejected, while 80,600 withdrew or were void, and a further 79,730 were deemed to be invalid - whereby the Home Office determined that someone was not eligible to apply having failed to demonstrate sufficient proof of UK residency.


Repeat applicants

According to Home Office records, 8% of applications were made by ‘repeat applicants’. Meanwhile, more than one million (1,002,280) applications were for children.

It’s understood that 772,260 of the applications made by under 18s within the deadline were approved, while 32,870 were either refused, withdrawn, void or invalid.

A Home Office bulletin stated: “Across all nationalities, the highest numbers of applications received were from nationals of Poland, Romania and Italy. This has been the trend throughout the life of the scheme.”

Breaking the figures down by council area, Newham in East London was attributed with the highest number of applicants for the EUSS with 142,120. Outside London, the majority of applications came from Birmingham with 138,490.



However, it’s still not known how many people in Britain are eligible for the scheme, but could remain in the country undocumented.

Any person who has not yet applied for the scheme effectively lost their UK immigration status following the 30 June deadline.

However, late applications are being accepted under ‘limited reasonable grounds’, and there is no cut-off date for late applications that have a legitimate reason for being submitted after the original deadline.

People who applied within the deadline but have not yet received a decision on their application, will have their rights protected pending the outcome and any appeal.

Those who fail to apply and continue to live in the UK without being able to prove their UK immigration status could face enforcement action.


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