Australia attracting foreign doctors, nurses

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More than 800 overseas doctors, nurses and other health professionals have expressed interest in moving to South Australia, thanks to successful employment expos held in Great Britain, Europe and India. Please see's information for medical practitioners interested in working in Australia for more information on visas and requirements.

Premier Mike Rann said the level of interest following the expos has been greater than expected. Australia launched its largest immigration drive in 40 years at the end of 2005.

All medical staff who have expressed an interest in coming to SA must now undergo stringent professional checks as well as checks through the usual immigration process. They must also be successful in securing Australian registration.

The recruitment drive was launched to overcome a shortage of doctors and nurses in South Australia, with the United Kingdom targeted because of an oversupply of training graduates.

Mr Rann said professionals were being attracted to SA because of the state's climate, cheaper housing and excellent education system. Health Minister John Hill said potential recruits would get some help with visa costs. Successful recruits would get help to find housing, schools for children and employment for partners.

Reports also show that there are currently 1,860 temporary resident doctors in Australia who have accessed the new four-year visa, making them more likely to stay.