Australia celebrates citizenship day

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On 17 September, Australia celebrated Citizenship Day; More than 4,000 people from 115 countries became Australian citizens at approximately 120 ceremonies across the Country.

"This year is a particularly special occasion, marking the 10th anniversary of Australian Citizenship Day, which is a great opportunity for people to reflect on the importance of the common bond of citizenship," said Immigration Minister Chris Bowen in a statement.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and local governments hosted citizenship ceremonies in state and territory capital cities, major metropolitan centres, and regional towns across Australia.

"Becoming an Australian citizen is a step that shows commitment to this country and the desire to share a common future," Bowen said.

"I congratulate all of Australia's newest citizens and invite them to share in our pride in being part of this great nation," he added.

New South Wales had the most ceremonies at 41; NSW also had the greatest number of immigrant source countries at 86. 1,342 became citizens in ceremonies in NSW.

They were followed closely by Victoria with 989 citizens from 75 countries taking part in 19 ceremonies.