Australia Expos for Skilled Immigrants

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Australia Needs Skills Expos have proved to be very successful and are being held all around the World. Prospective immigrants can find suitable work in Australia and Australian employers can find people with the right skills for a particular job.

The following is a list of Expos in 2006:

2006 Expo schedule


Shanghai9 May – 10 May
Hong Kong13 May – 14 May
Manila17 May – 18 May


USA – Detroit26 – 27 August
USA – Houston29 – 30 August
Brazil – Sao Paulo2 – 3 September
Peru – Lima6 – 7 September

Dubai/ United Kingdom
Dubailate September
Manchesterearly October
Londonearly October

Brisbane6 May
Adelaide26 – 27 May
Melbourne1 – 2 September
Perth11 November