Australia to extend Skilled Migration Industry Outreach Officer program

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The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DoIC) announced that the Skilled Migration Industry Outreach Officer (SMIOO) program would be extended by 18 months. 25 industries throughout Australia are currently hosting government immigration specialists.

The program provides employers with direct assistance and information about temporary and permanent skilled migration. According to a statement from the DoIC, it is "important that employers understand the immigration process and their obligations under the program."

Because of a strong economy and an unemployment rate at a 30 year low, some Australian industries are dealing with a temporary shortage of skilled workers. If an employer can prove that they are unable to fill a vacancy with a national from Australia, the country's skilled migration program is an alternative source of potential employees.

Industry outreach officers will be based in industry groups that cover a wide range of sectors, including engineering, information technology and mining. 16 industry outreach officers are located in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin. They give expert advice and support to employers about visa options, immigration mechanisms, and other services.

The SMIOO program complements the regional outreach officer network, which assists regional employers in each state and territory.


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