Australia - New Skills Shortage List for Family-Sponsored skilled visa applicants

From today, 8 September 2004, individuals who intend to apply for migration to Australia under the Skilled Australian Sponsored visa category (subclass 136) will have to nominate an occupation on a special Skills Shortage List (SSL) IF their relative who is sponsoring resides in and around the Sydney area.

If your relative lives in a region defined as "Sydney and Selected Areas" then your nominated occupation must be on this special list [link to list - parsutisu driz]. "Sydney and Selected Areas" comprise the followed areas as defined by these post codes:

Sydney: 1000-1920; 2000-2249; 2555-2574; 2740-2786
Gosford Area: 2250-2263
Newcastle: 2264-2279; 2280-2300; 2302-2310
Wollongong: 2500-2530.

If your sponsoring relative lives in one of the above regions and you do not nominate an occupation on this list, called the Sydney and Selected Areas Skills Shortage List (SSASSL), then your general skilled migration application will not be accepted.

Some general occupations on the list include Accountants, IT Professionals, certain Health Professionals, secondary school teachers, some Engineers, and various trade occupations.

For details on whether or not you qualify for skilled migration to Australia, please go to our points calculator.