Australia to open visa application centre in Ghana, Africa

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The Australian High Commission announced they will open an Australian Visa Application Centre in Accra, Ghana beginning 8 February 2012.

Billy Williams, Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, said the centre will be located at Labone a district in Accra, Ghana and will provide a fast and accessible way for applicants to apply for Australian visas. The centre aims to meet the needs of the growing numbers of Ghanaians travelling to Australia for work, study, to visit family and for leisure travel.

Williams said that under the new system, applicants will be able to submit their applications in person at the Australian visa application centre, making it more convenient and quicker for applicants to apply for visas. Previously applicants were required to mail their applications directly to the High Commission in Kenya.

The centre will also have fingerprint and facial scanning facilities. Williams noted that biometric data is an important tool in identity management and helps countries to combat crime. Australia now uses biometric data collection in fifteen countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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