Australia seeks skilled workers at expo

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The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship of Australia, Kevin Andrews, has announced an "Australia Needs Skills" expo to be held in Brisbane on 14 April 2007. The aim is to help working holiday makers and other temporary residents in Queensland with relevant skills stay in Australia on a permanent basis.

Australia's strong economy and record low unemployment has created a need for skilled workers, especially in the health and construction sectors, as well as in the mining, oil and gas industries. Australia is encouraging overseas students, working holiday makers, and other temporary residents who have the right skills to visit the expo.

Australia hopes that through efforts such as the Australia Needs Skill Expo, the government can help Australian employers connect with skilled workers. Employers who are unable to fill skilled positions can sponsor overseas workers through programs such as the employer nomination scheme, the regional sponsored migration scheme, and the temporary business visa program.

Seminars on migration and employment will be held throughout the expo at Brisbane City Hall from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, 14 April 2007. Other overseas Australia Needs Skills Expos will be announced in the future.


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