Australia: Work and Holiday agreements with Indonesia and Malaysia

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Australia has signed new Work and Holiday agreements with Malaysia and Indonesia this week. The Work and Holiday visa allows eligible citizens from Indonesia and Malaysia to work in Australia while on holiday. Australian citizens are also eligible to apply for Work and Holiday visas for both countries.

Australia has Work and Holiday agreements with a number of countries, including Thailand, Chile, Turkey, and the USA.

"The work and holiday visa allows young people from Australia and our partner countries who want to travel and experience a different lifestyle and culture to work and subsidise their travel," Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans said.

A total of 100 university graduates, or students from Australia and Indonesia or Malaysia who have completed at least two years of study, will be allowed to enter Australia on Work and Holiday visas.

Applicants must be aged 18-30 years of age and have no dependent children; they must also meet certain other requirements.

On his trip to Indonesia, Evans and Indonesian Minister for Law and Human Rights Andi Mattalatta announced the agreement on 06 August 2008. They expect to formalize the arrangement sometime later this year.

"This new arrangement is an investment in future relations with Indonesia, and will also help develop links between people in both countries," Evans said. "It will provide a further incentive for young people from both nations to deepen their understanding of our histories, cultures and economies."

The following day, Evans met with the Malaysian Minister for Home Affairs, Dato' Seri Syed Hamid bin Syed Jaafar Albar, in Kuala Lumpur on 07 August 2008.

"Our continuing cooperation with the government of Malaysia demonstrates a deepening relationship between our two countries," Evans said.