Australian Citizenship celebrated during Constitution Day

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Australia recently celebrated Constitution Day. Australian immigration had the following to say:

"Constitution Day on July 9 is the occasion that marks Australia's creation as a nation, the day in 1900 when Queen Victoria gave royal assent to the Constitution."

"As we recognise this important date, Constitution Day is also a fitting occasion to welcome new Australian citizens who will contribute to Australia's future.

"In the coming days, about 500 new Australians from almost 70 countries will be welcomed at citizenship ceremonies across the nation. These special Constitution Day ceremonies will give our nation's newest citizens an opportunity to acknowledge that they understand and respect what it means to become Australians."

Australian citizenship ceremonies were held in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. In addition Canberra will be welcoming 60 new Australians from 25 Countries at the National Museum of Australia.

On 9 July 2010 a British couple Camilla and David Shaw became Australian citizens. Mrs Shaw had the following to say:

"I love living in Australia. I have always felt a part of the country. It is a privilege and an honour to become an Australian citizen. I am Scottish by birth and Australian by choice,"

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