Australian Immigration Minister provides relief for immigrants facing deportation

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Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews has reversed several decisions by his predecessor, allowing for two Australian families to stay united.

Fijian Sailesh Chandra was facing deportation after a decision by former Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, denying his plea to stay with his family. Chandra has been married to an Australian woman for six years and the couple has two daughters. Vanstone refused to use her powers of intervention when Chandra's refugee request was denied.

Andrews reviewed the case after taking over as Immigration Minister in February and has ruled that Chandra should be allowed to stay in Australia with his family. Chandra will receive a six-month temporary visa while he applies for settlement as a spouse.

That government had also previously rejected appeals eight times by Pakistani Rizwan Waquar and his family for him to receive permanent residence. Andrews will intervene on their behalf and let them stay.

Andrews is currently struggling through a pile of unresolved immigration cases left by Vanstone's office. A spokesperson for Andrews stated that the minister would treat every case as "unique" and take them on one at a time.


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