Australian universities sign up for streamlined visa applications for students

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Many Australian universities have agreed to sign up for the new streamlined student visa processing system. The system will allow students with certificates of enrolment from participating Australian universities to be treated as low-risk applicants when applying for student visas.

This means that for participating universities, the majority of their students will have their visa applications processed quickly. Also, student visa applicants applying under the proposed streamlined arrangements will generally have reduced documentation requirements.

Yesterday was the deadline for universities to decide whether or not to opt in. Many of Australia's universities have opted in for the streamlined visa process, but it is understood some are seeking extensions of time to decide on this. Universities Australia and the Immigration Department agreed to the guidelines. Universities Australia is a body that represents the public interest of Australia's universities both nationally and internationally.

The changes, recommended by last year's Knight review of Australia's student immigration rules, put more responsibility on universities to use high quality recruiting agents and ensure students have appropriate levels of English and sufficient financial resources to support themselves.

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