Biden US immigration policy blasted by Stephen Miller

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Former Trump aide, Stephen Miller, who was instrumental in implementing the previous administration’s hardline US immigration policies, has blasted Joe Biden’s approach to immigration. Miller described Biden’s US immigration policy as ‘immoral and reckless’ during a rent interview.


According to Miller, the best measure of a country’s freedom is whether people want to leave or come, he told political talk show Life, Liberty and Levin. Host Mark Levin said to Miller: “Day in, day out we hear that America is systematically racist.” 

Levin then asked the question ‘if this is so, why would 42 million people south of the border come to the US, rather than try to leave?’ Miller agreed, before drawing a bizarre comparison with the Soviet Union, where he said, “people would do anything to escape to find a measure of freedom and human dignity.”


US number one destination for global immigration 

Miller pointed out that the US is the number one global destination for immigration, but this requires America to ‘enforce laws governing who can and can’t enter.’

The former Trump aide argued that the US cannot accept every underprivileged immigrant in the world saying: “If you used the position of the left that every single person in the world who would stand to economically benefit from entering the US should be allowed to enter the US, you would have to let in several billion people.”

Based on his time in the White House, working as a senior adviser to Trump and often dealing with US immigration issues, Miller said: “What we saw working day and night on the border is that it had become a global phenomenon.”

Miller added that smugglers and trafficking gangs exist globally, transporting migrants to the US southern border.


Sex trafficking

According to Miller, Biden’s ‘open door’ US immigration policy means that many people crossing into the US from the southern border are often exploited for labor or become the victim of sex trafficking in order to cover the cost of being smuggled to the border.

Miller said: “That’s reckless. That’s immoral. That has to be enjoined.”

The former Trump aide has long been an immigration hardliner and was often called to resign during his time in the White House. In 2019, Miller, who is Jewish, was urged to quit by a number of Jewish groups who accused him of promoting White Supremacist ideas


Miller from a family of immigrants

Meanwhile, his own uncle, Dr David S Glosser wrote a lengthy and highly critical opinion piece on 13 August 2018 entitled “Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle.” The piece contained details of Miller’s attitude toward immigrants and those of President Trump.

The opinion piece focused heavily on how Miller and Trump had benefitted from chain migration, despite blasting the system that helped their own families escape poverty, persecution, and in Miller’s family’s case, possible death. 

During an interview with CNN several years ago, Miller’s uncle said: “Our family were immigrants. In fact they were refugees. If my ancestors had not immigrated to the United States when they did, if they had waited a few more years until 1924, the door would’ve been shut.”

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