Canada begins consultation sessions on Temporary Foreign Worker program

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During the next month in Calgary, Canadian Immigration will hold consultations on hiring temporary foreign workers, Canada's immigration minister announced.

"Over the summer, I held consultations across the country on our overall immigration levels," Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said.

"From what we heard, primarily in Alberta, there is also a need to seek input specifically on temporary foreign workers," he added.

Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows Canadian firms to hire foreign workers temporarily to help support economic growth. In most cases employers must demonstrate that they could not find local skilled workers to fill vacancies.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley will co-host this consultations. Key stakeholders include the oil and gas industry, the construction, agriculture and hospitality sectors, as well as labour representatives.

"We are currently working on a number of initiatives that, when implemented, should help make the Temporary Foreign Worker Program more responsive to labour market needs," Finley said.

"I look forward to considering ideas coming out of the consultations to ensure that the program continues to support economic growth, while at the same time protecting employment opportunities for Canadians," she added.