Canada immigration helps immigrant children integrate into society

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The Canadian government is investing more than $1.6 million to help immigrant children and their families in London, Ontario.

The Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) program provides immigrant families with an interactive orientation to the Ontario school system as well as referrals to settlement agencies and other community support services.

"The Government of Canada is helping newcomer youth and their families succeed," said Ed Holder, Member of Parliament for London West.

"This investment will help improve the lives of young newcomers to London. When we invest in our youth, we invest in the future of Canada," he added.

"Our government knows that helping newcomer families get settled is key to their success," said Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

Since 2005, the Canadian government has more than tripled its spending on settlement services for immigrants and their families in Ontario.

Many people from all over the world immigrate to Canada for a better life; The Canadian economy depends on skilled immigrant labour.

Canada like a number of other immigrant destination Countries has a points based immigration system. If you gain enough points you will gain a permanent residence visa for Canada.