Canada Immigration: Points requirement goes down to 67

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The Honourable Denis Coderre, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canadaannounces that with immediateeffect the points requirement under the skilled worker category goes down to67 points. The new passmark of67 points will cover all applicants who filed an application on or after 1January 2002 and who have not as yet received a selection decision. The previous pass mark from 28 June 2002 to 17September 2003 was 75 points.

There is also a proposal to amend the transitional provisions that came intoeffect on 28 June 2002 that would mean that all skilled worker and business immigration applicants who applied beforeJanuary 01, 2002 would be assessed under the selection criteria of theformer Immigration Act.

These changes mean that there is now a huge increase in the number of peoplewho qualify under the Canada skilled worker programme. This is the mostsignificant change in the Canadian Points system since 15 December 2001 whenthe old skilled immigration system effectively ended. Canada now has oneof the best immigration programs in the World. This is a great newopportunity for skilled applicants from around the World to emigrate toCanada.

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