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Canada Immigration News

Canadian immigration's 'Dragons' Den' visa goes live

16:05 04/04/2013
Canada's new Start-up Visa Program (SUVP) was launched on April 1st 2013. The new visa allows foreign entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to a panel of Canadian investors. If the investors choose to...

Canadian immigration has cut permanent residence backlog by 40% since 2008

9:00 02/04/2013
The Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney gave a somewhat self-congratulatory presentation at Mississauga, Ontario on March 26th 2013 in which he laid out the actions that his department had...

Canadian immigration announces further changes to Federal Skilled Worker Program

10:36 19/03/2013
Citizenship and Immigration Canada has issued a short statement about the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The program is currently suspended but is due to re-open for business in May 2013. The CIC...

Canadian immigration says Canadian Experience Class visas growing fast

9:47 06/03/2013
9,353 people gained Canadian permanent resident status under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) visa in 2012, according to recently released figures. This, according to Citizenship and Immigration...

Canadian immigration accepts record numbers of immigrants - again

13:13 04/03/2013
Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister, has announced that over 250,000 people gained Canadian permanent resident status in 2012. This, he said, means that Canada experienced record...

Canada launches new Start-up Visa for entrepreneurs

17:58 25/01/2013
On Thursday January 24th 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced that it is to launch a new visa for entrepreneurs. It will open for applications on April 1st 2013 and will be known...