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Canada Immigration News

Canada's immigration minister hints at new investor program

17:38 21/02/2014
Chris Alexander, Canada's immigration minister, has given an interview to a Chinese newspaper just days after scrapping the Immigrant Investor Program which was extremely popular with Chinese...

Canadian Immigration to abolish Immigrant Investor Program

15:12 17/02/2014
Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced that the Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) and the Federal Entrepreneur Program (FEP) will be terminated. The two programs were once Canada's main...

Canadian immigration 'discriminating against PhD students'

19:32 24/01/2014
PhD graduates of the University of Toronto have complained that they have been wrongly rejected after applying for permanent residence visas under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Two students...

Canadian immigration minister promises better service in 2014

17:27 20/01/2014
Canada's immigration minister Chris Alexander has promised to improve the service that his department, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) provides for those seeking to migrate to Canada. Mr...

Canadian immigration announces changes to Canadian Experience Class

9:41 18/11/2013
On 8th November 2013, the Canadian immigration minister Chris Alexander announced changes to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) visa stream which came into force on 9th November 2013. The CEC allows...

Canada's 2014 immigration plan to 'drive economic growth'

10:21 07/11/2013
On 28th October 2013, immigration minister Chris Alexander announced Canada's immigration plan for 2014. Mr Alexander announced that he intended to keep total immigration at between 240 and 265,000...