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Canada's Conservatives win national election

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Canada's Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper won the Canadian national elections Monday and ended 13 years of Liberal rule. It is a victory that is expected to move Canada rightward on social and economic issues and lead to improved ties with the United States.

During the campaign, Harper pledged to cut the red tape in social welfare programs, lower the national sales tax from 7 percent to 5 percent and grant more autonomy and federal funding to Canada's 13 provinces and territories.

The Conservative Party promised that if it takes power in Canada, it will streamline the process of bringing skilled immigrants into the country and ensure their better integration.

"It is getting more and more difficult to bring people to this country even for family reunification. Also, the fees, the process, the security, are almost working against Canadians bringing their families," said the Indo-Canadian MP Rahim Jaffer.

For more information, please see our news story from January 19 on the Conservative Party's position on immigration.